Be it Personality Development or Soft Skills or English Speaking, it justifies the true essence of being a hub leading you towards accomplishment of your goals. Moreover, the ASSISTANCE provided for studying in as well as migrating to different countries adds the palpable soul to the existence of the organisation. Crown’s Learning Hub, in contrast to a conventional training academy. GET TRAINED BY CERTIFIED TRAINER & BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE .



Making your way to studying or migrating abroad swifter and smoother. The exclusive training provided by us focuses on developing your expertise at understanding the peculiarities of the exam and succeeding in achieving the desirable score at first go. An admirable score in all four skills namely Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking will open the doors for you to embrace the multicultural environment and opportunities spread around the world.

2. Personality Development


The programme works at fostering all 5 parts of your personality calling for burnishing and brightening i.e. Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual and Social development. We not only enlighten you of your strengths and qualitiesbut enable you to develop clarity and resilience in order to stay motivated and directed throughout your life.

3. Soft Skills


You are an employer or an employee, a housewife or a working woman, a married or a single person, a school or a college student, this programme will fetch you the kind of skills you had been coveting to possess. Be it Communication Skillsor Critical Thinking or Leadership Skills or Positive Attitude, we assure your emergence as a more credible and result oriented individual.

4. Spoken English

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If you are fed up of those corrections by typical Grammar Nazis and find yourself a mismatch to that highly articulate group, we hold a solution to your problem. Usage of correct grammar besides an excellent command over vocabulary are those intangible influences you would be able to notice in your speaking as well as writing. Needless to say, the fluency and eloquence will serve as the added advantage.


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Planning to study MBA in Canada or Data Analytics/Machine Learning in USA? With a large number of students struggling to score high in GRE/GMAT/SAT, our distinctive methods and comprehensive practice material will get you ready to appear confidently. You hold all the aces with a competitive score in these exams and succeed in making it to your dream university or college.

6. Interview Preparation

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Whether it is for an admission to a reputed college or for a well-paid job in an esteemed organisation, the industry looks forindividuals willing to put their best foot forward in making their mark. Our Interview Preparation module will provide you theessential grooming your abilities and efficiency entail. This competitive world does not hold remarkableachievements for average or common aspirants.

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